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Everybody deserves to have a lush and healthy lawn, and at Biolawns we believe that an organic approach is not only better for the planet but is simply more effective at making your lawn healthy. Unlike most lawn care companies that focus on treating the lawn’s symptoms with harsh chemicals and salt-based synthetic fertilizers, we focus on targeting the problem at its roots by heavily aerating and amending the soil with our proprietary blend of organic fertilizer and minerals. Once good soil is established, your lawn will look good and stay healthy for many years to come. With proper and timely practices, we will transform your lawn into a resilient and healthy lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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What's the secret?

A BioLawns Treatment Includes:

Triple Core Aeration

Three passes of deep core aeration relieves soil compaction helping fertilizer, water, and oxygen get to the roots of your grass.


At the most opportune times, the finest varieties of genetically superior turfgrass seeds are applied with organic fertilizer after triple core aeration. The temporary holes provide small planters to ensure high rates of germination. Weeds grow in bad soil. Overseeding is the organic way to eliminate weeds for good without harmful chemicals and sprays.

Organic Fertilization

Organic fertilizers feed better and longer than synthetic granular fertilizer and do not burn or stress the lawn and soil. The organics feed the microflora of your soil which increases its overall fertility reflected by a deep green color in your grass. Synthetic fertilizers are salt based and have only 3 macronutrients N, P and K. Our proprietary fertilizer blend contains not only large natural quantities of the essential macronutrients, but also the often neglected mineral based micronutrients.

Soil Conditioning

BioLawns’ proprietary organic blend of humates, gypsum, and calcium work to soften your soil to increase depth of watering, water retention, and watering efficiency. It also feeds microorganisms that continue their work long after our visit. This probiotic approach to soil cultivation turns your dirt into a living, breathing organism – resulting in lasting, deeply rooted, greener grass. Healthy soil. Healthy lawn. 



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The BioLawns Treatment:

The BioLawns Treatment Includes the following services:

Sprinkler Evaluation, Triple Core Aeration, Fertilization, Soil Conditioning, Overseeding, Maintenance Guide

  • The full BioLawns Treatment for most residential lawns $250 - $500

    * Standalone Aeration, Dethatching, and Sprinkler Services Available. Click below to receive a free quote!

Costs for aeration only is:

  • Small $100 - $150
  • Medium $150 - $300
  • Large $300 - $500

Greener than your neighbor’s all year. Guaranteed.

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Services are only offered August through April. 

One treatment will make a lasting difference all year. But for the perfect lawn, we recommend both a Spring and a Fall treatment. 

The day before your visit, flag all middle sprinklers (not on the perimeter) and have the lawn watered deeply and mowed very short to maximize the effectiveness of our treatments.

I look forward to working with you to make your lawn beautiful.

Scott M. Roth

MS Biology

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