About Us

A native of the Sacramento area, I’ve worked years to develop an organic solution to ugly lawns. Blazing hot summers and cold winters make lawns brown. Having young kids, I wasn’t comfortable spending tons of money to pump harmful chemicals into my soil that produce short-term results. That’s when I put my education as a biologist to work and had an epiphany: soil first, grass second. I spent years developing and testing a safe and lasting solution that consistently develops healthy, resilient, beautiful, and low maintenance lawns that are now producing envious neighbors all over the Sacramento Valley. It’s greener and more affordable than sod, and it’s great for the environment. It just works. But it’s no miracle – just science. Give me the chance to make your lawn organically greener through a proprietary BioLawns treatment, and I’ll personally guarantee your satisfaction. 

Scott Roth

CEO of BioLawns and MS, Biology