Frequently Asked Questions

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Any lawn with a sprinkler system that gives full coverage. Our treatments are designed to both bring back lawns that are in poor health but also to improve and maintain an already healthy lawn.

The presence of weeds is usually a sign of a deeper problem, while the weed itself is just the symptom of that problem. Some weeds indicate nutrient deficiencies while others indicate a problem of over or under watering. At Biolawns we “read the weeds” and then address the deeper problem that they indicate. We find that most lawns become mostly weed free overtime because the grass is so lush and healthy that most weeds don’t stand a chance. Although the use of herbicides is against the spirit of Biolawns, in some cases we encourage and guide customers in conducting their own chemical treatment of weeds.

A greener, thicker, and more resilient lawn. Results begin to be noticeable in the first week.